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Rüzgarlı Bahçe Mah., Kumlu Sok., No:2 Asaş İş Merkezi, 34810, Kavacık / Beykoz / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 216 680 0780
Hall: 2
Stand: 221
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  • PVC Profile and Profile Processing Companies
  • Aluminum Profile and Profile Processing Companies
  • PVC Profile Window Systems and Supplementary Products Producers
  • Shutter Panels, Louver Motors, Shutters Rails
  • Aluminum Profile, Tube, Bar, Composite, Plate and Ignot

Founded in Gebze in 1990, ASAŞ is one of the most remarkable industrial enterprises in Turkey with its 5 state-of-the-art production facilities in Akyazı, Sakarya region and over 2400 employees and export to over 90 countries. Based on its stable financial growth trend since its establishment in 1990, Asaş was listed No 63 out of Top 100 companies in İSO 500 Turkey in 2020 and became one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. ASAS generates solutions and adds value to all sectors where it operates, thanks to its innovative products, technology, R&D Center which is a first in its sector, andits services. ASAŞ provides services for its clients at its Aluminium Profile, Composite Panel, Aluminium Flat Rolled Product, PVC Profile and Roller Shutter production facilities which are located in a total of 923.000 m² area, of which 300.000 m² is enclosed, in Akyazı and Karapürçek complex. Production capacities in our integrated facilities Aluminium Billet 90.000 tons/year, Aluminium Profile 75.000 tons/year, Anodized Profile 40.000 tons/year, Powder Coated Profile 24.000 tons/year, Aluminium Flat Rolled Products Casting 150.000 tons/year, Rolling pin 140.000 tons/year, Folio 60.000 tons/year, Dyed Plate 45.000 tons/year, Aluminium Composite Panel 7.500.000 m²/year (end of 2017 10.000.000 m²/year), PVC Profile production 35.000 tons/year, Lamella Roller Shutter 30.000.000 linear meters/year. As ASAŞ, we serve many sectors such as construction, automotive, railway, commercial vehicles, energy, packaging, consumer products and maritime. We produce finished and semi-finished products to meet our customers needs in their own projects. Besides this, we enrich our knowledge in the field of production with design & product development studies and offer our products that we produce with our own brand to the market. Aluminium architectural systems (door, window and curtain wall systems), aluminum composite panels, u-PVC door and window systems, aluminum design products (aluminum flag and lighting poles, aluminum furniture etc), roller shutter systems, garage doors and motor control systems are product groups that we sell with our own brand. Believing that not only science but also art makes contribution to the development of societies, ASAŞ decided to found ASAŞSANAT in 2015 to further improve its support in art. ASAŞSANAT operates as a learning+ sharing+ designing+ production platform that brings art and design students together with academics and professionals. Asaş aims to revive the change created by art in societies as well as the skill of having different point of view in its own organization by courses and seminars for the spouses and children of its employees, at the Art Workshop to be constructed in Akyazı/Sakarya Region. Additionally, in line with its social responsibility activities, another target of ASAŞ is, to develop projects that will enable our handicapped friends to create art works in parallel to corporate social responsib

Inova Sliding SystemInova Sliding System

Inova new generation insulated sliding system provides high insulation and sealing performance in the spaces, as well as providing a wider living space thanks to its new design. By combining wide and modern living spaces with full security with its new design, it creates large spaces where you can live in peace. It offers a wide and uninterrupted view thanks to its large glass surfaces. You can create a comfortable living space by combining your patio and garden, your living room and terrace, and making them a common living space. Thanks to the reinforced static reinforcement profiles, it may be used safely in large and high-rise structures. It has excellent pressure and locking points thanks to its imported accessory equipment specially designed for this system. Thanks to the barrel locks in handle applications both from inside and outside, offered among innovative accessory mechanism options, it provides the possibility to use the door as the main entrance door of the building by locking the door from inside and outside. It provides high heat and sound (acoustic) insulation thanks to the specially designed gaskets located on the inside and outside. It provides maximum safety and performance thanks to the locking and pressure mechanism surrounding the sash profile with the maximum dimensions of 1500 X 2500mm according to the sash lamp dimensions. The espagnolette screwed to the aluminum profile specially designed for the sash profile provides excellent pressure and superior security by the strike plate with full security special for this system and all of the screws applied on the strike plates scresash the specially designed box support sheet. It provides strong pressure and full security thanks to the fact that the screws applied to the pinned mushroom head puller part specially designed for the rear locking side and to the secure strike plates contact the support plate. It provides full pressure to the outer gasket, thanks to the fact that all the screws applied to the guide centering parts located on the top side of the sash and to the specially designed aluminum upper rail guide profiles contact the support plate. Maximum performance is achieved by applying pressure on external closure and internal sash gaskets on the lower rail just as on the upper rail thanks to the rail guide wheels located on the underside of the sash and specially designed aluminum profile that moves on these wheels.

İnova 76mm Central Gasketİnova 76mm Central Gasket

For maximum insulation... Inova 76mm System aims to provide maximum heat and sound insulation having 7 chambers, 3 gaskets (with central gasket) and special glass that has 50mm width. In addition to high insulation values, the system provides significant benefits in terms of environmental and economical sustainability by being a longlasting product. Containing an additional central gasket besides of frame and sash gaskets, the profile system provides maximum heat and sound insulation. The system provides the advantage of fast production thanks to the profiles manufactured as gaskets included. TPE gasket included in the profile system provides high insulation thanks to weldability around the corner. By applying heat-insulated aluminium threshold profile, it enables threshold application at lower height.


PVC and Aluminium Monoblock Roller Shutters are designed to satisfy many different expactations. Best rolling diameter is secured by optimum box dimentions, air tightness is increased with optional gaskets placed in the side cover and box profile joint. Frame-box can be installed with Universal Aluminum profiles while special solutions can applied for different type of frames. New box model also can be hided inside the wall and makes any maintenance possible from the bottom when necessary. PVC and Aluminium systems are compatible. Some of the profiles which creates boxes can be preferred as PVC or Aluminium.


Monoblock box system designed with optimum dimensions 195x230 and has a capacity to be used with 39mm of lamels in height of 300 cm and 55mmof lamels in height of 235 cm. System is compatible with PVC Monoblock box system.Some of the profiles which creates boxes can be preferred as PVC or Aluminium. Box joints are equipped with unique gaskets for better insulation by blocking wind intake. The heat barriers used between the profiles and the profiles are cut off from each other and provide thermal insulation between the interior and the exterior.


Zebra Shutter System, which is the first and only in the world and in Turkey, is a roller shutter system in which the louver slats move up/down in the rail, folded over each other like a fabric and rolled on the tube inside the shutter box. Shutter slats made of aluminum extrusion profiles equipped with special gaskets that prevent sound also provide insulation thanks to the insert brushes used. The shutter curtain can be adjusted as open-closed at the level and amount desired by the user, and it can also be set to the fully open or fully closed position.

REFD77 Folding Door SystemREFD77 Folding Door System

REFD77 Folding Door System is developed by ASAŞ to meet requirements of design, performance, flexiblity and securtiy.

REWW141 Window Wall SystemREWW141 Window Wall System

REWW141 Window Wall Facade System provides the advantage of easy assembly from inside without scaffolding and economical installation with its improved manufacturing methods.

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