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Binagady dis, Baksol area 1, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1054 / Azerbaijan / Baku / AZERBAIJAN
Contact Info: +994 50 293 20 20
Hall: 8
Stand: 819
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Our Company has occupied a special spot in the glass sector. We are engaged in glass processing in the closed zone of2 15000 m2. Our factory has been supplied with fully automated and semi-automated, the most innovative technologies in Europe. With the help of our equipment, we carry out the processing of products comfortably and qualitatively, which seems complicated to do so at first. Our ranges of glass processing are as follows · Single-layer glass processing. · Single-chamber and double-chamber glass packet processing · Tempered glass and glass package. · Laminated glass processing (Multi-layer Safety glass). · Constructive glass panels processing (silicon and bonding glass). · Decorative and CNC laser cutting glass processing (sandy, mat, vinyl, glass doors, etc.). Glass and accessories are products made by foreign countries, which are of high quality and certified and comply with all standards and that are utilized within the production of the aforementioned ranges. One of the most significant factors our Company is quality and customer satisfaction. The most important phases are as follows, which are applied during the processing of glass ranges. · GLASS CUTTING · GLASS WASHING · GLASS PACKAGING AND INSULATION · GLASS GRINDING · GLASS TEMPERING AND BENDING · GLASS PACKETS BONDING · GLASS LAMINATION · CNC GLASS CUTTING

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