Company Name Contact Info Location
Fevzipaşa Mah. Söğüt Cad. No:4/a Silivri - İSTANBUL / Silivri / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 212 734 3940
Hall: 3
Stand: 301A
Product Groups
  • PVC Profile and Profile Processing Companies
  • Aluminum Profile and Profile Processing Companies
  • Wooden Profile and Profile Processing Companies
  • Companies Producing Supplementary Profiles for Windows -Wainscot, Foam Panel, Frame, Sill
  • Profile Coating and Coloring Companies
  • Companies Specialized in Circular, Arched, Polygon Products
  • Companies Specialized in Specifications like Parallel Sliding, Folding etc.
  • Shutter Panels, Louver Motors, Shutters Rails
  • Glass Balcony And And Winter Garden Systems
  • Window Bracket Panels, Roller Blinds
  • Exterior Systems
  • Elostomer Tapes and Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
  • Facade Cladding Systems Aluminium, Pvc, Glass etc...
  • Curtain Wall Pannels
  • Facade Systems

We are providing service with our best-in-class production standarts and best talented and experienced Acounting, Finance, Purchasing and Logistics, Planning, Technics, Production, Quality Control and Sales Units. Customer excellence is our highest priority and we are able provide high customer satisfaction with our young and dynamic team, flexible structure and high service quality. Our company is fully funded with local capital. ADİN YAPIŞKANLI BANT VE AMBALAJ SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş. is providing best-in-class services in self adhesive tape and packing tape market with its syrong dynamic and flexible structure.

Protective Tape

has wide range of surface protection films for smooth, textured and coated surfaces of platics. The protective films are designed to withstand during carring, installation, drilling,line bending,thermoforming etc. with various level of adhesive systems we offer customer specific soluions to meet hig quality demands such as

Packing tape

Strong adhesion #8226; Transparent, brown, white and can be printed up to 6 colors #8226; Sliced at the requested in widths between 12 mm and 100 mm #8226; Various widths with great lengths, or #8226; Possibility of obtaining #8220;jumbo bobbin#8221; with a widthup to 2.000 mm

Self Sticky Films

Plate surface protection film is produced by film extrusion method from polyolefin resin. It does not contain any glue, solvent or additive for production. It offers a very wide adhesion range and its mechanical characteristics make it suitable for different surfaces.

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